Thursday, October 18, 2012

What if the Buckeyes finish 12-0?

If The Ohio State Buckeyes are able to ride on Braxton Miller's shoulders to an undefeated season then they should be considered co-national champions.  I know it is a stretch, Indiana put up 49 on The Buckeyes; 49 being the most they've score against anyone this year and they played Indiana State, UMass, and Ball State.  The Bucks still face Purdue who has been known to throw a wrench in OSU's title runs.  They will also face Penn State, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, so it is very unlikely.  Braxton will have to start calling his own plays and act like he is playing EA Sports NCAA Football the video game and someone else will have to start calling the defensive plays; or teach the D how to tackle.

The reasons they are unable to compete for the title are due to lies and trading gear for tattoos.
Jim Tressel was "fired" for lying to the NCAA.  It is nice to know that lying is still wrong, but punish him, not the entire Ohio State team and all its fans.  Fire him, ban him from coaching an NCAA team for five years, make him pay fines, punish the offender.

Terrell Pryor is who JT was fired for lying about.  TP traded his Buckeyes swag for tattoos.  I don't understand why that is a crime in the world of the NCAA.  If they don't want the young men, whom they prosper from, to sell or trade their swag then make the schools keep track of it and collect it back from the players.  Don't let them keep it.  I imagine that TP knew that trading his memorabilia for tattoos was some sort of violation, if so punish him.  Suspend him, kick him out of school, stop making money on him.

Now if the 2012 Buckeyes go undefeated, which is a stretch considering the lack of defense this year, they deserve National Champion Rings.  These rings should be provided by JT and TP.  The result of their transgressions is preventing this team from playing in the post season.  Tressel and Pryor have the money, they should pony up and reward this team when the time comes.